Frequently Asked Questions


I’m currently in University as a full time student,  I require 24 Hours in advance to be available for appointments


Place my consideration in an unsealed envelope in plain sight at the beginning of our meeting. If we are meeting in public, place the envelope in a book or gift bag.


Please be respectful when contacting me. If would be wonderful if you introduce yourself and tell a bit about you like age, nationality and what you would like


Please shower either at your location or mine before our time together begins! I have impeccable hygiene and cleanliness and expect the same from you. Although not required, grooming is appreciated!

My Rates

My rates are non-negotiable.

“How much time can we spend together?”

The shortest amount of time I am open to catering to is an hour, and my current maximum is an overnight date. Let’s figure out what’s best for us, and work within it

“Are you discreet?”

Yes, incredibly so. I respect your privacy, and in return, I expect the same. We both have lives outside of the pleasures of companionship.

Special Requests

I would love to fulfill any special requests you may have in mind for our time together! If I do not have a specific outfit to fulfill your request you are more than welcome to purchase it for me and have me model it for you.